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Metformin + B-12 deficiency [06 May 2006|10:32am]

I am currently taking Metformin (2000mg per day) and have been experiencing tingling in my hands. I did a little online research and apparently Metformin can affect Vitamin B-12 absorption, which in some cases can lead to tingling in the extremeties. The usual treatment is injections of vitamin B-12.

Has anyone else experienced this side effect of Metformin? How much do these injections cost? How often do you need them? Do vitamin B-12 pills help?

I am not considering not treating this - it's a very serious situation - but I currently don't have insurance and I want to be prepared before I call the doctor on Monday morning.
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[28 Oct 2005|11:57pm]

Hey there. *waves*

My name is Katy O'Neill and I'm a twenty year old female in Los Angeles, California who has had PCOS since the onset of puberty. I had obvious signs of hirsutism prior to my first menses, which back then was dark, thick peach fuzz. Being such an early developer, I'm convinced PCOS played a role in my first cycle coming... at thirteen. By all means, I should have had my first period before eleven or twelve, considering how prematurely I developed.

PCOS has since left me with all the symptoms in the book, and I do mean every symptom. I have a heavy case of hirsutism, I shave it every day. I have very obvious bald patches in the back of my scalp. If it weren't for my hair concealing my alopecia, I'd be in a psyche ward. =/ I'm 5'4, 240 lbs, I have skin tags on my thighs, classic dark patches under my arms, and suffer from amenorrhea.

I have procrastinated visiting my doctor because I have been overwhelmed and in denial for many years. However, my symptoms have gotten so bad, that I cannot afford to ignore them any longer.

Diabetes II and heart disease are prominent in my immediate family. My mother died from cardiovascular disease at the young age of 53. I was merely sixteen. I admit that I am clueless about nutrition, weight loss, and support as a whole. I would very much like a buddy who is similar in age and perhaps even someone who share(d/s) similar experiences to me. Although I would be grateful for ANY feedback or support at all!

Thank you so much ladies!!!

P.S. My AIM is WhenOrchidsBloom
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[24 Feb 2005|12:33pm]

Well I changed the profile to include a lot more information and so on now.



I also think that this should be a locked journal. We lock all our entries to friends only. I'm making a banner for the front page so that non members can look at it and it'll prompt them to join.

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